Thursday, 20 September 2012

(BP) Lost 21 Pounds x 3 Weeks So Far ( CREATIVE Bioscience Giveaway ) USA/CAN

Well my friends its time to continue on with my review of Creative Bio science Diet HCG 1234.  I am now on my 3rd week and so far I am at a 21 pound weight loss.  YAY ME and YAY to my health.  I am honestly feeling full of life and energy.

My starting weight was 228
My current weight - 207

Total Weight loss in 3 weeks 21 Pounds

here is what 12 pounds looks like.  

Let me recap the beginning of this journey.  Day 1 and 2 were the toughest.  There are 3 phases to this diet. 1, 2 and 3.  The first phase again was my toughest.  These 2 days are about building high stores of fat for your body to use as energy when you start the low calorie portion of this diet.  Tough because you eat all high fat, extremely high caloric foods for 2 days and as much as you can, literally as many calories as you can.. I am not a big eater by any stretch and certainly not into high fat foods.  Yes I am overweight but I believe for me this is due to a malfunctioning hypothyroid and long life of incorrect eating habits for which this diet is suppose to help correct. Its a reset of your metabolism and hypothyroid gland, to a normal functioning system.

Well I am well on my way to losing the weight and feeling GRRREAT!!! I truly am full of energy and feel lighter.

Other benefits I have noticed so far :

  • My feet and back do not hurt as much since I have dropped 21 pounds.
  • I am completely full of energy
  • I do not crave or eat processed or unnatural foods anymore.
  • I have dropped all my diet soda and artificial sweetener habits
  • I am sleeping great
  • I wake up with a sense of renewed optimism
  • I am walking around with more confidence.
This diet has truly been a god send.  Not only am I eating naturally healthy foods but am realizing the more healthier I eat the more understanding I am getting along the way of what we should naturally be eating.  To me natural eating is nothing processed in a bottle, no processed refined sugars, no oils, lards, fats and crazy greasy products.  I am not a chicken or bird, hence no more eating of grains and wheat.  The results : my body is loving it.  Yes we all have that BIG SENSE of taste and it is a great thing, making foods irresistible but and this is a BIG BUT :  this moment is always such a fleeting moment.  Once past our tongue and taste buds its simply right to our hips and waist.  What after effect do we truly get from the moment of true bliss on our tongue? Not much really.  When I look back at all those moments I am now thinking WOW REALLY?  I ate all that terrible food just to enjoy that moment of taste and a lifetime of fat and weight to carry around.  YIKES.  

Really.. take a look at it for a moment.  Your sitting on the couch watching tv... A big craving swoops in and says OMG lets temp your taste buds with some chocolate.  YUP in minutes you gulp it down and then minutes later that moment is sooo long gone.  Truly it is.  We think nothing of it while are body is processing it and turning it into a LONG LONG moment of fat.  Its a moment I want no more of.

I am also finding how incredible it is to feel this sense of inner peace that my body is being properly nourished.  I walk around with my head held high, feeling much lighter with a bit of swagger in my walk and my clothes.. omg my clothes are finally fitting again.  Those long days and nights of sweating it out working to buy all those clothes are making these days much more worth it again.

Sooo.. I apologize if I am sounding a wee bit on the uppity, annoying, giddy side of life but it is again what it is a Big 3 week weight loss and its working like a charm.

I am on my 3rd week of phase 3 and about to enter week 4.  My goal was 40 pounds and I am slightly past the halfway mark.  

If you have heard about the HCG 1234 diet before and are screeching at the thought of doing a 500 calorie restricted diet per day.. then screech no more.  This diet has been revised and there are now 500, 800 and 1200 calorie diet plans to fit everyone's lifestyle needs.

If you care about your health and you care about you then why don't you follow this path with me and try to win your own 3 month supply of Creative Bioscience diet by entering here a Rafflecopter giveaway
The rest of my diet plan will be updated as I go.  

Stay tuned for more weight loss moments and updates:...

To Be Cont............................................ 


Yvonne Woodstock said...

I not only want but need the HCG 1234 I have had success with hcg in the past but then couldnt afford the product and need it back until I reach my goal! I am frustrated literally to tears with out it! It feels miraculous how well it works!

NenaS said...

I would like to try the African Mango 1200

oddduck said...

I'm really impressed with that amount of weight loss in 3 weeks. I'm personally overweight and would love to drop 30-40lbs off where I currently am. I think I would try the hcg 1234.

Sally McIntyre said...

Would love to win this as I was on the HCG shots and couldn't afford it anymore and still had 80 lbs to lose..

Kelly Blackwell said...

I would like to try the HCG 1234. I used to do the shots, but I have wanted to try the drops.

Tania B said...

I would try the Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract. Well Done!

Marthalynn said...

I'd try the hCG Zero Capsules™!

Hannah Chase said...

I'd like to try Diet 1234 or maybe hCG 1234®. This is an awesome giveaway. Omg it would be amazing. I've struggled with weight since I was eleven. Since then I've tried everything from dieting to starving to purging. But last year I finally lost 48lbs the healthy way. I wasn't even finished until I gained 12 pounds back this year!! I still had another 17lbs to lose. But I've lost half of those 12 pounds, unfortunately I'm really struggling because I have binge eating disorder and it's just getting worse because I feel so stressed & my anxiety is increasing and that's what leads to binges. So I'd hope this would help!!

Marsha Cooper said...

I would get the Diet 1234

Heidi said...

Way to go!!! I would like to try the Diet 1234 or the HCG 1234 - anything to get off those pesky postpartum pounds!

Maegan Morin said...

I would get the HCG 1234