Sunday, 3 March 2013

#SodaStream Product Review - Soda pop flavors for everyone.

**  SodaStream Product Review  **

The Review

Are you a soda drinker? Do you enjoy entertaining at home with friends and family? If you answered yes to one of these 2 questions then this machine may be the perfect gadget in your kitchen.

We received the Genesis Red Starter Kit from SodaStream and can now easily enjoy making our own soda at home.  

What we love about this machine first and foremost is how simple and easy it is to use and the seconds it takes to make my own soda.  Absolutely no fuss, no muss and no mess.

The unit comes with a streamlined stand, 1 litre bottle, licensed carbonator and a 12 pack of soda flavorings.

Retail price before applicable taxes for this kit is $129.99
12 Pack of flavorings retails for $11.99.

Flavorings in my 12 pack included :

Flavors to suit everyone
  • Cola
  • Cola Sugar Free
  • Orange Grapefruit Sport
  • Cranberry Raspberry
  • Lemon-Lime       
  • Diet Lemon-Lime                         
  • Orange mango
  • Orange
  • Diet Orange
  • Ginger Ale
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Diet Pink Grapefruit

We being huge huge soda drinkers in our home have found this unit to be the perfect fit for everyone.  We no longer have these big bulky 2 Litre bottles taking up storage space.  Normally on our soda runs we grab about 12 bottles.  Having 12 x 2 Litre bottles in the kitchen really uses up a lot of space.  Not only do they take up valuable kitchen space but they are an eyesore.  Now we have a great space saver SodaStream in the kitchen that is used almost daily without any cumbersome electrical cords.  

The machine works like a charm.  Here is how it works : 

Step #1 Chill your water 
Step #2 Twist your bottle up into the holder
Step #3 Give a few pumps to the button on top to burst the carbon into your water
Step #4 Unscrew and pour in your syrup.

Its as simple as that folks.  Again no fuss, no muss and no mess.  
The carbon lasts for a few days but after that it easily dissipates.  

Overall I am absolutely loving this machine and its value to us in our home.  Below I list my pros and cons.

SodaStream Pros

  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • Takes seconds from plain water to soda.
  • Syrup tastes just like the real thing.  I tested all flavors.
  • No cords or electrical equipment.
  • Syrup is easily affordable
  • It is a space saver by allowing me to ditch the cupboard full of bottles
  • Helping me to save the environment from all of those 2 litre bottles
  • Makes me the star at home when entertaining friends and family.
  • Bpa free
SodaStream Cons
  • Carbon only lasts a few days
Overall Thoughts 

Yes my friends that is it for our cons.  We love this unit and its simplicity.  Overall a great fit in our home.  I have used it so far at a couple of parties and a couple friends have went out and purchased one after seeing how easy and functional my SodaStream is.  

Great at parties, family gatherings, events, workplace lunchrooms and wherever you friends and family gather.  

Wanting another flavoring other than syrups? why not experiment as we did and add your favorite juice crystals to your glass and pour in your carbonated water. 

SodaStream - Its Fun, Its Simple, Its Affordable And It Fits.

Thank you SodaStream.  We love it.

Canadians can make your purchase here : ( also tells you where you can purchase it, where to get your canisters and what stores carry your syrups )

Americans you can hop on over here : If located outside American you can use this link to find out where to purchase it for your country.